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Jual FUJIKURA 62S+ Fusion Splicer - connecting Telecom cables with high capacity Profesional

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93,000,000 Rp

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Lokasi: Tangerang
Harga: 93,000,000 Rp Nego

FUJIKURA 62S+ Fusion Splicer

"Traditionnal core to core" alignment fiber optic fusion splicer with integrated heater. 

Conventional wind protector

Splicing in 6s and tube heating in 23s

Electrode life 5 000 arcs

Robustness to shocks

62S is ideal for connecting Telecom cables with high capacity. 

Fujikura 62S provides active core alignment splice loss performance while utilizing a conventional wind protector and tube heater design. An alternative to the fully automated core-alignment model 70S , the 62S includes an auto-start feature for both the splicing and tube heating process that minimizes the steps necessary to process splices. 
With a shrink time of 23 seconds with standard splice sleeves, the 62S ensures a high level of productivity. Incorporating the proven ruggedised features pioneered by Fujikura, durability is greatly enhanced by a mirrorless optical system and "severeimpact resistant" monitor. Battery capacity is 200 splices/shrinks. The transit case doubles as a built-in or mobile workstation and makes splicing easier than ever.

62S ready to use package description

BTR-09 Battery pack (200 splices and tube heating fully loaded)
AC adapter ADC-18 and AC power cord
DCC-18 battery charge cord 
Additional spare of electrodes (3 000 arcs) ELCT2-20A
Hard Carrying case with integrated work station CC-30
Pair of fiber clamp 250m/900m CLAMP-S70A
Pair of fiber clamp 900m Loose tube CLAMP-S70B
USB cable to communicate with PC (USB 2.0) USB-01
Sleeve loader SL-01
Screw driver (Ref. SD-01)
Cleaver Fujikura CT-30A or Fujikura CT-08A (to be chosen)


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