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SAMSUNG GALAXY A30 (4GB RAM | 64GB ROM) ORIGINAL set! Professional

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850 RM

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Location: Kuala Lumpur
Price: 850 RM



Model / SKU : A30Conditions : New

OS : Android 1

Core : Octa Core 2

Storage (ROM) : 64GB 

3Memory (RAM) : 4GB 4

Band : 4G LTE 1

Rear Camera : 16MP 2

Front Camera : 16MP 3


We will try our utmost best to deliver the goods on the agreed date. However, if we are unable to do so, you will be notified and an alternative date will be arranged. Your order will be delivered at the agreed time and location. You must be available to sign a personal acknowledgement of delivery.

We strongly recommend that, upon receipt, you inspect the phone. If the package appears damage, it is advisable that you do not accept it. In the unlikely event that we deliver the wrong phone to you or that it is damaged; please notify us within 24 hours. We will not be liable for any claims after the given 24 hours.

If we are unable to provide you with your order due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be contacted as soon as possible and you will be offered a substitute phone of your choice (subject to availability) or a complete refund.

Return Policy

Good solds are not returnable. If in any situation that customer insists on returning the product within 7 days from the date of purchase, we will charge restocking fee of 20% or more, subject to phone and package condition verify by our technician and sales representatives.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

All products sold by DirectD are covered under warranty, subject to its respective terms and conditions as followed:


Original set

Warranty coverage, policy and its length follows as what set by its principal. Customer can send all their purchased original set direct to authorized service center for warranty request purpose. Otherwise, DirectD customer can bring to our service center and we will help send the item to the authorize service center based on our schedule.

Import Set

All import set is covered under warranty by DirectD Retail and Wholesale or Brandstar Mobile City.

12 months warranty coverage:

Samsung, LG ,Asus, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, Xiaomi, Meizu, One Plus and Blackberry and all models of smartwatch.

Details coverage:

12 months coverage for transceiver and its related part, and software

and 3 months coverage for lcd and its related part, battery, charging port, buzzer, vibrator and accessories (AC plug, earphone, cable, battery kit).

* Water damage can still happens to waterproof devices due improper use. In this scenario, it will still fall under invalidation of warranty

.For Sony smartphone, the waterproof policy and dos and donts can be found on its official website here


* All phones and tablets that are not listed above and categorized under DirectD / Brandstar warranty automatically falls under this category.

** Please be informed DirectD is not liable for any data loss due the repair / services done by our service center. Customer needs to back up their data themselves in prior to send their item for warranty.

*** During the repair process, DirectD have the rights to remove any parts / accessories whenever needed. For example tempered glass / screen protector / customized sticker or skins might be removed for the repair procedure. We will not replace or be responsible for all the removal or damaged to any added accessories.


Invalidation of Warranty

1. Warranty is invalidated if the defect is caused (with intention or no intention) by wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, rough handling or abuse.

2. It is invalidated if unauthorised persons carry out any alterations or repairs.

3. If the warranty card/receipt/tax invoice has been altered, defaced or erased in any manner whatsoever.

4. Unable to provide us with the original proof of purchase during warranty claim.

5. Product purchased from non-authorised dealers or from overseas (unless applicable international warranty applies).

6. Cosmetic damage (dent, crack, scratch and etc.).

7. Spillage of food/liquids or detection of water / liquid inside the device (Applicable to both non water proof and water proof device).

8. Operating with incorrect or irregular voltage supply.

9. Corrosion, rusting or stains.

10. Improper testing, operation, demonstration, maintenance, installation, adjustment or any alteration or modification of any kind.

11. If any part or parts of the unit are replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by us

12. Repair or attempted repair by any party other than DirectD authorized service center.

13. Where the product serial has been removed or made illegible or has been tampered with.

14. Use of the product in a commercial environment (become display set, event functions, advertising and etc.)

15. Where any ancillary equipment or 3rd party software causes the problems or damage

16. Infestation by insects or vermin

17. Incomplete or improper installation

18. Use of which is not designed

19. Use with 3rd party battery, charger and cable.

20. Damage due to improper packing during shipment to DirectD for warranty purpose

21. Disasters such as floods, fires, winds, earthquakes or lightning

22. Damage due to foreign material

23. Damage due to exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal environment conditions

24. Various product models have differing specifications, functions, display, appearance and performance, and is not regarded as a defect in the product.

Additional Details

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